Scatola Del Tempo 4RT OS XXL Watchwinder


Scatola Del Tempo is the inventor of watchwinders, patented since 1990. Born thanks to a brilliant idea and the cooperation of Patek Philippe, the most prestigious watchmaker brand in the world.

Entirely hand made in Italy with Swiss motors and technology, with the very best quality materials, elegance and attention to details.

  • To wind up 4 oversize watches and containing a revolutionary watch holder able to hold watch cases of every shape and dimension. With independent lines of winders that can be programmed separately.
  • Fully leather covered outside. Leather and pure jacquard silk inside.
  • Silver colored clasp.
  • Programmable, operates on batteries or with a 6 Volt DC adapter.
  • 10 rotating programs.
  • The entire winding system can be easily removed and stored into a safe

*Delivery will take 4-6 weeks.

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